Content manager and Website presentation specialist

Want to work remotely (from home) as a content manager and website creation specialist? Our clients would love to work together with talented creative people setting up their websites from a content and design standpoint. You can start immediately and you’ll be onboarded by our own professionals.

About the company

Booston provides an all-in-one solution for every aspect of ‘online recruitment marketing’. From employer branding to the job posting and from search engine optimization to analytics and reporting.

Our team has developed our own in-house recruitment software system, which helps our clients set up and optimize their online marketing campaigns. With this software, our clients can fully automate recruitment marketing and make job postings faster and more visible.

Specifically; the website module is in popular demand. Customers often call upon Booston to help them set up a beautiful experience with optimized candidate journeys and beautiful employer brands. This is where you come in!

Some examples:

Our office is located in Houten and our total team in the Netherlands and Albania consists of 10 enthusiastic professionals.

About the job

Booston has developed its own recruitment software including a CMS (content management system). Much like WordPress or any other modern CMS, the system works with a template subdivided into page elements which can be tailored to the client’s needs. More info on the CMS here: and some manuals are here:

When a new website is deployed it’s a blank sheet and needs to be tailored for the client’s brand and optimized for high-conversion candidate journeys. That’s where you come in.

A rough approach to a project would be something like this:

  • The Dutch team does an intake with the client. We collect all possible branding materials, texts, and other information needed to setup the website. The given examples went to these same steps.
  • The Dutch team ‘onboards’ you with a login for the client’s environment and hands over all materials and ideas for a good first run.
  • You setup the client’s brand in the Booston system consisting of color schemes, fonts, image materials, logos, and so on. With this information, you create a brand book page. An interactive brand book the clients sign off on.
  • You work out all remaining pages and make sure there is a unique and beautiful end result. Editing images and smart combinations of text and visual materials will make the website ‘pop’.
  • Also, non-used page elements are branded and tweaked for future use. This way the client can quickly add new beautiful pages for campaigns if needed.
  • The client will give feedback which you will handle to finish the project.

All-in-all, it’s the creative assembly of visuals, texts, and video that will make the whole more than the sum of its parts. And this is where your expertise comes into play.

What we offer
  • An hourly rate between €10 and €15 an hour depending on proven experience.
  • Working from home but with the support of an enthusiastic team already used to working decentralized.
  • Working for cool clients (big names) not only in The Netherlands, but worldwide as of late :-).
  • Proven experience with content management systems and setting up websites.
  • Proven experience with web or image design (of any kind).
  • Demonstrable work experience in the field. A portfolio is a must in one of the mentioned experiences is a must.
  • We track time and work using hubstaff, this will require installing an app on your pc or mac.
  • Availability of at least 40 hours a month and ability to quickly stand by when new clients are onboarded.
  • Located / living in Albania.
Want to know more?

Still have questions or want to have a look together to the tooling and the way we work before making a commitment? We fully understand! Give me a shoutout or apply directly on this page and we'll talk soon.

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