Nick Broekman
Managing Director
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Nick Broekman
Managing Director

"Attracting that one perfect candidate online can be a tremendous challenge. Why? You must possess several crucial facets:

  1. A beautiful and attractive website includes smart navigation paths and conveys the right message to entice candidates.
  2. Excellent visibility on job boards for active seekers, where you must differentiate yourself from countless other employers to actually see results.
  3. You must be visible to the 'latent candidates', those who are not actively looking but are open to attractive offers. This is where most top talents are hidden!

In addition, your internal processes must be seamlessly aligned so that the right colleague can respond to potential candidates promptly. Otherwise, you may see all your hard work go to waste. Web developers, online consultants, maintaining integrations... it's an extensive operation.

And the challenge doesn't stop after setup; after all, recruitment is different every day. New customer questions arise, you want to start a campaign for a recent vacancy... and then all elements must be adjusted.

That's where Booston comes into the picture. We offer an automation solution that takes care of your entire recruitment marketing and continually and rapidly adapts to your needs. This results in better talent acquisition and a much less burdensome process."

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